Introducing Boast’s Time Evidence Engine

Introducing Boast’s Time Evidence Engine

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Creating a successful SR&ED or R&D tax credit claim hinges on being able to “tell the story” behind your innovation. This goes beyond just understanding outcomes, but also detailing the role each player on your team had in pulling your project together and executing R&D. 

One of the biggest roadblocks to crafting this narrative is having a single source of truth to capture, understand, and analyze each team member’s contributions. 

Until now. 

We’re thrilled to launch our latest platform feature, the Boast Time Evidence Engine (BTEE), which enables customers to track, document, and validate the time spent by all stakeholders contributing to your R&D projects. 

By working with the systems your R&D teams are already using today, the Boast Time Evidence Engine provides a single source of truth—as opposed to an array of siloed data and tracking systems—to tell the complete story of your innovation.

This goes beyond maximizing your potential access to the innovation capital to extend your product runway. Boast’s Time Evidence Engine also allows you to visualize and optimize your entire R&D operation from a single system of intelligence

What is the Boast Time Evidence Engine exactly?

At the heart of this latest product feature are key integrations designed to effortlessly capture and analyze project time-tracking data alongside essential context related to investments This holistic view then unlocks opportunities to transform your approach to R&D project management and optimize your practices, stretching your investments further. 

  • Seamless Integration: BTEE connects directly with Jira/Github or any preferred project management tools through export/import, ensuring a smooth data flow from your preferred tools into our platform.
  • Detailed Worklogs: Automatically generated worklogs offer granular insights into the contributions of each team member, detailing the who, what, and when of project involvement.
  • Expert Classification: Our in-house experts meticulously classify worklogs to identify projects and activities eligible for specific benefits, ensuring that every qualifying effort is accurately accounted for.
  • Accurate Time Allocation: Incorporating payroll data, our system precisely calculates the available working hours of each employee, providing a solid foundation for exact project time evidence.
  • Streamlined Process: By automating data matching and processing, the BTEE eliminates the need for manual entry and tracking, offering a more efficient way to manage project time.

Why Boast Time Evidence Engine?

Beyond taking your tax claim preparation to the next level, the Boast Time Evidence Engine sets a new standard in project time tracking and management. 

So often teams are either bogged down by too much, disorganized data or fail to find the connections between investments and outcomes due to data siloes. The BTEE breaks down those barriers to passively and actively apply the necessary context to the activities your team is executing. 

This is all done with unmatched accuracy. But here’s what really sets us apart:

  • Unmatched Accuracy in Time Tracking: Our engine captures every project minute with precision, ensuring reliable data for analysis and reporting.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We’ve designed our platform to be intuitive and easy to navigate, streamlining the user experience for efficiency and simplicity.
  • Comprehensive Integration Capabilities: The Boast Time Evidence Engine can directly integrate with Jira/GitHub or can ingest data with your preferred choice project management tools. 
  • Advanced Automation: Automating the tedious tasks of data collection and processing, our engine frees up your team to focus on what matters most, boosting productivity and efficiency.
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