What The Tech Episode 42: “Every job is a climate job” with Sophia Wennstedt of Blip Energy

on April 15, 2024

This week we welcome onto the show Sophia Wennstedt, Co-Founder & CEO of Blip Energy. At Blip,  Sophia and her team are on a mission to redefine home batteries to increase energy resilience for both individuals and communities. 

By designing a product to work without typical installation constraints, Blip Energy is able to add millions of otherwise-inaccessible homes to the smart grid network. Sophia’s team is set on finding new ways to manage energy demand, while ensuring that energy stability is an option for all of us, not just folks who can afford a luxury system. 

It’s a lofty mission, but Sophia and her team have the  background to make it happen, drawing on experience working as a Mechanical Engineer and later as Program Manager at iRobot, before pivoting into the energy space with work at Exelon and Tesla. 

All of this is rooted in Sophia’s passion for climate justice and energy equity, which she’s demonstrated through active involvement driving STEM education outreach. It’s a field that’s rife with innovation and opportunity, and I can’t wait to pick Sophia’s brain on what’s in store for her team and the industry in the new year.


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