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What The Tech? Episode 7 with Janelle of York IE

What The Tech? Episode 7 with Janelle of York IE
on August 21, 2023
What The Tech? Episode 7 with Janelle of York IE

For years, the “center of gravity” for new tech and innovation largely volleyed between a handful of West Coast and East Coast hubs, with Silicon Valley widely understood to be the hot bed for both tech talent and startup funding.

While that perception may still stand, the fact of the matter is that just as the workforce has decentralized en masse over the past decade, so has the landscape for innovation.

Look no further than recent research from CBRE, which found that there are more than 7.1 million tech workers spread across the United States and Canada. While the Bay Area still tops the list for having the highest density of skilled tech workers and college graduates, Silicon Valley is by no means hogging all the opportunities.

Rather, tech hubs are emerging (and rapidly growing) in locales across the map, with many new hotspots—whether they’ve found a tech niche or have benefited from the emergence of a local breakout business—showing huge promise.

These dual phenomena—both the emergence of local tech hubs and the complete decentralization of innovation—have been at the heart of what’s driving the team at York IE.

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, York IE is not only helping boost the local tech ecosystem, but partnering with emerging startups and talent across the globe to provide critical Go-To-Market resources to emerging tech leaders. 

As a strategic growth and investment firm reshaping the way tech companies are built, scaled and monetized, York IE supports ambitious entrepreneurs, operators and investors on their quest to innovate and disrupt markets—an ethos we share deeply here at Boast.

On this episode of What The Tech, we’re thrilled to be joined by Janelle Gorman, CFO at York IE. In her role, Janelle is tasked with financial reporting and analysis, compliance and financial operations to support and drive growth both for York IE and the constellation of businesses that are leveraging their services. 

While based in New Hampshire (with roots in the Boston area), York IE has expanded their services to help the startup community in Canada, while leveraging international talent in Ontario and India to help fuel their expansion and support their amazing community of innovators. 

In this episode, Janelle discusses what these activities look like in action, differences between growing a startup in the US vs. Canada, and what she’s excited about for the future of innovation on both sides of the border. 


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