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Enhanced AI Classifier FAQs

Enhanced AI Classifier FAQs
on August 23, 2023
Enhanced AI Classifier FAQs

It’s been an exciting first week since launching our new Enhanced AI Classifier. The response to our feature launch blog has far exceeded our expectations, with an overwhelming interest in this next-generation classification capabilities.

But first, here is a quick recap of the feature:

Boast AI’s Enhanced Classifier streamlines R&D claims processing. Its advanced algorithm precisely matches tasks to projects, categorizing work for swift yet compliant approval. A confidence score is assigned to gauge accuracy, underscoring its precision. 

Now that the feature is in your hands, we’re sure you have questions about implementation, capabilities, and maximizing the value. In this FAQ, we’ll address some of the most common processes and technical queries. Our goal is to ensure you can leverage the full power of this advanced classifier to transform your business.

Let’s dive into the details!

  1. What is the Benefit of the AI Classifier feature?

    The AI Classifier allows you to leverage the power of Boast AI’s classification engine no matter what Technical Project Tracking tool you use. Boast’s homegrown AI-based classification tool has been used for years to help maximize customer claims with proven IRS/CRA verified results.
  1. How does it work?

The classifier uses a homegrown combination of multiple complex AI models to automatically organize your data into three categories:

  • Direct Claim-Based Project Assignments: Matches each work item directly to the associated qualified Tax Claim projects identified by our experts.
  • Non-Qualified Work: Matches work items that would not relate to the Qualified Tax Claim Projects Identified.
  • Unknown: Categorization for work items that don’t clearly fall in either category and require some manual review.
  1. How does the AI Classifier process work?
    About: Enhanced AI Classifier FAQs

  1. How can I leverage the AI Classifier feature?

Follow these steps to get your data connected

  1. Perform an Export from your Project Tracking system of all data you want to be considered in your claim for the fiscal year in question
  2. In the Boast App, Go to Data Setup > Integrations > Project Tracking
  3. Select your project tracking platform (select Other if it is not specifically listed)
  4. Follow the prompts to upload your file and map the data
About: Enhanced AI Classifier FAQs
  1. What fields need to be exported from my Project Tracking software?

More fields are always better but the fields that will most directly map to those used by Boast AI are:

  • Project Name (Allows for Classification & Filtering)
  • Start Date (Will allow for Time Estimates in future)
  • End Date (Will allow for Time Estimates in future)
  • User Assigned (Allows for filtering & Will allow for Time Estimates in the Future)
  • Time Tracking (Will allow for Time Estimates in the Future)
  • Activity Type (Allows for Classification & Filtering)
  • Description (Allows for Classification)

Be sure to include any fields in their data set that will align with the fields above.

  1. What if I don’t include all of the necessary fields?

It’s always better to include as much data as possible so include everything and let the Boast Team optimize what is used and what is pulled out.

Leaving out recommended fields will result in more Unknown classifications and more manual selection will be needed.  This may result in delays in processing your claim or potentially a lower claim amount.

  1. What if I am not sure how to map the data?

No problem!  Just map your best guess.


You can simply skip this step and your Technical Solutions Manager will execute it later.  The initial mapping you perform is just your best guess of how to match the data from your system to the data used by our Enhanced AI Classifier

About: Enhanced AI Classifier FAQs
  1. What happens after I upload my file and map my fields?

Your Boast AI Technical Solutions Manager (TSM) will use the Enhanced AI Classifier along with information gathered during your Technical Scoping Call to organize your data.
The classification they do is visible to you in the Boast App under My Claim > Projects

About: Enhanced AI Classifier FAQs
  1. How accurate is the AI Classifier in mapping tickets?

The AI Classifier utilizes an advanced algorithm to map tickets to their respective projects. The confidence scores associated with each classification represent the accuracy level of the mapping. While the classifier strives for high accuracy, our internal Tax Claim experts always review the classifications and have the ability to make manual overrides.

Boast AI goes beyond providing guidance on non-dilutive government funding. We offer businesses a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technology and expert guidance to optimize their R&D efforts, streamline capital management, and visualize a successful capital strategy.

Explore our press release to gain deeper insights into our AI Classifier and uncover the benefits of leveraging this powerful tool, or schedule a call with our team today and witness how Boast AI shapes your path to success.


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