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How to Win During a Downturn – 7 Lessons from Building Gong to $7 Billion

How to Win During a Downturn – 7 Lessons from Building Gong to $7 Billion
on July 18, 2022
How to Win During a Downturn – 7 Lessons from Building Gong to $7 Billion

With massive shifts and uncertainty in the markets right now, most companies are working on defensive plans like reducing spend and increasing cash to get through.

While defensive strategies might help companies survive, in order to exit the current climate in a market leading position, companies must learn to play offense.

On Tuesday, July 19, Udi Ledergor, CMO at Gong ($7.25 valuation) shares how to play offense with your marketing during a downturn, covering demand, brand, channels, team, tools, and metrics.

Specifically, Udi will dive into:
– Key elements of a winning marketing strategy during a downturn
– The biggest trend that will change the way marketing is done today
– How to set up people, processes, and technology to get more leads from startup to scaleup
– How to identify and prioritize marketing channels and activities
– How to build your marketing team: roles, qualities, timing, finding talent
– How to build relationships with the press and get coverage
– Field marketing in the post-pandemic world
– The framework for creating a new industry category
– How to leverage your customers to drive referrals and become a source of repeatable organic growth
– Balancing brand and performance investments

Udi is a 5-time VP of Marketing for leading B2B tech companies, and the current CMO at Gong which is valued at $7.25 Billion. He took this challenging position after running a highly-successful marketing consulting business for two years. Prior to that, for nearly two decades, Udi served as VP of Marketing at 4 different companies, leading world-class teams across a wide range of industries. He is a champion for diversity and inclusion and loves taking inspiration from B2C brands to make B2B brands more exciting and customer-centric. He’s also the author of “The 50 Secrets of Trade Show Success.”


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