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10 Rules for Driving Growth from 0 to IPO

10 Rules for Driving Growth from 0 to IPO
on July 12, 2022
10 Rules for Driving Growth from 0 to IPO

Driving growth doesn’t always mean hiring a big team and spending lots of money. It starts with prioritizing activities with the biggest reach and impact at the best ROI and moving towards your goal with high velocity.

On Thursday, July 14, Katrina Wong, VP of Marketing at Twilio Segment joins us to share the playbook to go from 0 to $100M in revenue and beyond, covering channels, demand, brand, team, tools, and metrics from her experience helping 3 companies scale from pre to post IPO.

Specifically, Katrina will dive into:

– Key elements of great startup marketing in 2022 and looking into the future
– The biggest trend that will change the way marketing is done today
– How to set up people, processes, and technology to get more leads from startup to scaleup
– How to identify and prioritize marketing channels and activities
– How to build a minimum viable marketing team: roles, qualities, timing, finding talent
– How to build relationships with the press and get coverage
– Field marketing in the post-pandemic world
– The framework for creating a new industry category
– How to leverage your customers to drive referrals and become a source of repeatable organic growth
– Balancing brand and performance investments


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