Intercom’s Playbook for Hypergrowth Products

on May 3, 2022
Intercom’s Playbook for Hypergrowth Products

On Thursday, May 19, Des Traynor, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom, joins us to share the playbook for building hypergrowth products.

Des is a renowned product visionary and his role at Intercom covers many areas, including R&D, product strategy, engineering, and design.

In this session, Des discusses the key product strategies and frameworks to maximize your business growth. Specifically, he dives into:

– Coming up with the idea and getting to product-market fit
– What happens after product-market fit
– Building products for hypergrowth
– Defining a winning product strategy from startup to scaleup
– Prioritizing new features vs. adding new products
– Successfully expanding product offerings outside of the core
– Growth tactics to drive engagement, stickiness, and virality
– Building high growth teams
– Scaling fast without breaking the culture
– Navigating the shifts and challenges along the way


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