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How to Reach $10M ARR on a Shoestring Budget

How to Reach $10M ARR on a Shoestring Budget
on October 27, 2020
Matt Epstein Rippling

Not many CMOs have grown a company from $0 to over $10 million in revenue. Matt Epstein, CMO at Rippling, has done it twice.

Matt was employee #1 at Zenefits, where he created a leading HR brand and helped grow the company from $0 to $65M ARR.

Today he leads Marketing at HR unicorn Rippling, where he’s taken big bets on creative campaigns.

In this session, Matt shares his tips for driving major impact with a minor budget. Specifically, Matt covers:

  • Marketing strategies to drive growth on a shoestring budget
  • Who your company’s first 3-5 marketing hires should be
  • How to find the perfect message for your business using cold email


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