Building and Scaling Product to Drive Success at Every Phase of the Customer Journey

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Imagine keeping 21 million loyal customers happy?

The social media management giant, Hootsuite is leading the customer journey game when it comes to personalizing digital interactions and keeping customers coming back.

Join Ryan Donovan, CTO at Hootsuite to learn how you can build and scale products to drive success at every stage of the customer journey.

In this session, Ryan shares:

  • What is and (What IS NOT) a customer journey
  • How to develop your customer journey and identify key touchpoints along the way
  • The best ways to implement technology into your customer journey
  • How to orchestrate multi-channel engagement that addresses the buying needs of your customers and prospects
  • How to enable demand generation to deliver more qualified leads to your team
  • How to track the impact of personalized interactions against revenue
  • Tools of the trade and build vs. buy vs. integrate

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