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Capital Efficient Ways to Grow From 0 to $10M

Capital Efficient Ways to Grow From 0 to $10M
on March 4, 2021
Brian Rothenberg

Boast.AI Co-founder & CEO Alex Popa and their lead investor Jordan Bettman at Radian Capital join us to discuss how the company bootstrapped to 8 figures in revenue before securing $123M USD in funding. They’ll discuss 10 capital-efficient ways to build, grow and scale your company.

Specifically, they will cover:

  • Funding your business while preserving equity
  • Strategies for finding the right key team members on a TIGHT BUDGET
  • LEAN tactics for driving customer acquisition and growth
  • Focusing on PROFITABLE growth and relentless discipline on conserving cash
  • Setting the right focus and priorities across all business areas while not getting swayed by the hype cycle.
  • Navigating the tough times


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