How to Use Customer Intent Data to Drive Growth

Guillaume Cabane

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Less than 1% of your potential customers come to your website. Few sign-up, even less convert.

It’s not a funnel, but a pasta strainer.

In this talk, Guillaume “G” Cabane reveals his master plan and first steps towards automating marketing based on intent… before the website. Contacting the right people with the top companies, at the right time, through the best channel with the perfect message. At scale.

Over the last year, intent data providers have been cropping up left and right, but the overwhelming majority of demand generation marketers have been slow to appreciate the hard, ROI-driving power of intent data.

In other words, the first-mover advantage is still yours for the taking!

G shares the intent marketing strategies and tactics that have resulted in incredible growth in leads, revenue and conversion rates for hypergrowth companies like Drift and Segment.

You will get first-hand, insider knowledge on intent marketing, how to find intent data, and how to make the most of the overall intent data market shift in this practical, tell-all session.

You can download the slides here.

Below are the resources and tools G talks about in the webinar:

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