How Product-led Unicorns are Leveraging Support to Drive Growth

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The fastest-growing Product-Led companies leverage customer experience more than anything else to drive exponential growth.

For many B2B technology firms especially, the support organization is the “front line” in terms of understanding customer success in a PLG “land and expand” model. However, the incredibly valuable insights found in support interactions are often overlooked.

Krishna Raja, CEO of SupportLogic shares how Product-led unicorns like Snowflake, Rubrik, and Cloudera are leveraging support to drive growth.

Specifically, Krishna discusses:

– Traditional view of support vs its new role
– Emergence of product-led growth companies and how it has changed the industry
– How support can provide a feedback loop back to the product team
– How to leverage support to prevent churn and drive product adoption
– What tools and processes can be put in place to make this transformation happen
– The top 3 process improvement tips to scale support

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