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Native Advertising – The Secret to 9X Ad ROI?

Native Advertising – The Secret to 9X Ad ROI?
on March 7, 2021
Dan Greenberg

According to eMarketer, 40 percent of internet users feel online ads are too aggressive, following them on every browser and device.

As more consumers become increasingly drawn to their screens, how can companies do their part to prevent ad fatigue?

Dan Greenberg, President & Founder of Sharethrough has a simple solution to growth —native ads.

But what is native advertising? It is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it’s placed.

For example, imagine you’re a consumer scrolling through a brand’s social media feed and you see a banner pop up. Naturally, you’re annoyed by the banner because you didn’t ask for it. The banner doesn’t produce a positive, revenue-driving appeal for the consumer.

But if a brand swaps its intrusive banners for natural content that feels like the brand, and matches the visual experience of the media platform, then they have a more positive and impactful effect on the consumer which generates sales.

As a pioneer in the native ad movement, Dan will discuss what exactly are native ads, how to create a native ad that connects with audiences across multiple platforms, and why you should stop underinvesting in native ads.

In this session, Dan covers how to:

  • Create successful native ads that drive engagement to your website for better ad performance
  • How to identify the potential of your current content and repurpose for high-converting native ads


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