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How to Build and Scale an Outbound Sales Team

How to Build and Scale an Outbound Sales Team
on December 14, 2020
Collin Stewart PR

Building and scaling a well-oiled outbound machine that generates consistent revenue is no piece of cake – but definitely possible. Once you see the big picture and have the confidence to push through when, inevitably, running into roadblocks, the more predictable and consistent your efforts will be.

Join Collin Stewart, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Predictable Revenue, and Russ Armstrong, VP Sales & Strategy at Boast.AI as they dive into all the components required to build and scale an outbound sales team to generate sales-qualified meetings consistently.

Agenda includes:

  • Building your team with the ideal candidate
  • Outlining the onboarding process
  • The SDR playbook
  • Building consistent top of the funnel
  • Product-Market-Fit as a success indicator
  • Relentless follow through and table stakes


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