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Everything You Need to Know Post IPO

Everything You Need to Know Post IPO
on March 14, 2021
David Whyte

Being a public company is very different than being a private company and comes with a new set of challenges.

From a capital markets perspective, newly public companies are ill-equipped to deal with managing a larger group of shareholders. They often struggle to understand how their cost of capital is now a visible and controllable metric that can make or break their success as a public company.

David Whyte, CEO & Co-Founder of Irwin, a leading provider of capital markets-focused financial technology with a mission to connect the world’s capital seekers and allocators shares his inside tips on post IPO.

In this session, David shares:

  • How to understand and manage public shareholder ownership
  • How to manage your cost of capital as a public company
  • How successful companies are overcoming regulatory challenges in capital markets
  • Why proactive investor relations matters now more than ever


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