Reverse Freemium: Going from Sales-Led to Product-Led for Massive Growth

Michael Litt Oji Udezue

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The most successful IPOs and fastest-growing private companies of the past decade all started with a freemium, self-service product. Zoom, Atlassian, Slack, Dropbox are just a few.

But building a freemium, self-service product when you already have a successful enterprise business can seem like a daunting task. There are a million questions – will it cannibalize my sales efforts? Do I need to build a new product? What mindset and skills do I need to have on the team?

In this session, Michael Litt, CEO of Vidyard, and Oji Udezue, Head of Product at Calendly (Fmr Head of product at Atlassian) join us for a masterclass on how to build a freemium, self-service offering to drive massive growth. Topics covered include:

  • How audience expectations have changed and what this means for your product and marketing strategy
  • Benefits of freemium self-service and how to think about it for your company
  • What features to carve out from your core product to facilitate freemium self-service
  • How to add virality, network effects, and viral loops to a product that isn’t necessarily viral
  • UX and design best practices to drive adoption, usage, and growth
  • How to structure your Product Team to facilitate this/ what superpowers does your team need to have
  • How to prioritize building out your core product vs. product enhancements
  • Low-cost, highly-impactful marketing and sales strategies

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