3 Actionable Ways to Drive Growth in a Highly Saturated Market

Rishi Mandal

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Serial entrepreneur Rishi Mandal of Future uncovers three actionable ways to drive growth in a highly saturated market.

You hear the term saturated market and naturally, you are struck with the fear of limited growth.

But a competitive market also shows that there’s a real demand and with that comes customers. You just need to out-innovate and outgrow the competition.

Future, backed by Kleiner Perkins, Founders Fund, and Khosla Ventures is a 1:1 digital personal training experience that is winning in a highly saturated market.

In this session, Rishi draws from his experience running product at Google and Postmates to uncover:

  • Build your company in phases and stages
  • Find your uniqueness and lean hard into it
  • Build high customer affinity in a competitive space

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