Scaling from Idea to Seed: How Founders Can Derisk Their First Six Months and Win

Tyler Norwood

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Despite SPAC mania and $100 MN rounds, early-stage investors are seeing bigger rounds and many more of them. The average early-stage check size has also gone up by +40% in the last 2 years.

Investment is moving downstream, and fast. But despite larger rounds, the growth in the number of startups has been stagnant leaving gaps for undiscovered talent.

Tyler Norwood, Partner at early-stage VC Antler – one of the most active global early-stage investors in the world (230+ investments in 2 years) – shares how founders can derisk their first six months and set themselves up for long-term success.

Specifically, Tyler covers:

– How investors think about early-stage in 2021
– When and how to raise money
– What types of investors a founder should look to work with
– What founders should (and shouldn’t) prioritize through growth
– What pitfalls to avoid in the process of going to market
– How to grow one’s audience and fill a market need

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