Building a Media Giant on Top of Your Business To Drive Exponential Growth

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Are you wondering how to reach out to a larger audience? Do you want to use content and events to capture the attention of millions of professionals?

Successful media companies produce great content and brands need to think the same way. Companies like Amex, Adobe, HubSpot, and Outreach have leveraged this strategy to drive multi-billion dollar outcomes.

Max Altschuler, Founder of SalesHacker, Partner at GTM Fund, and VP Sales Engagement at Outreach joins us to share tactical advice on how you can build a media company on the front end of your SaaS to drive exponential growth and brand recognition.

In this session, Max discusses:

– 5 characteristics of a media company
– Where to start if you want to become one
– How to determine your focus
– Crafting your story and determining how to share and amplify it
– How to turn your audience into a community of evangelists
– Tools, resources, and skillsets you need to have

Max has been published by the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Money, and was named a top sales expert by both Salesforce and Inc. Previously, Max held top positions at Udemy and AttorneyFee.

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