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How does Audit Defense work?

AuditShield from Boast

Almost all taxpayers are subject to tax obligations. As well, the business operations of most companies are examined by tax authorities. Because of this, it is crucial for business owners to employ some form of tax audit protection in order to shield themselves from costly fees, penalties, and other financial and operational ramifications that can come as a result of an official audit.

With our mission to help companies accelerate innovation and business growth by maximizing R&D tax credits, Boast has developed the ideal solution to the risk and probability of tax audits.

We provide expert guidance and regular check-ins from in-house tax professionals to ensure your audit documents are complete and accurate all year round and help you avoid rushing to meet tax deadlines. Our software consolidates data from your technical and financial systems into comprehensive and detailed audit documents passively throughout the year, while our in-house experts compile a defensible claim that will stand up under any IRS or CRA scrutiny.

What does AuditShield cover?

Audits are usually conducted when auditors spot gaps or inconsistencies in your claim. They also often entail high costs due to potential penalties for proven errors or discrepancies as well as professional fees incurred for the service itself.

The Boast process is designed to cover your business during an R&D Tax Credit claim, which is a government-sponsored incentive for companies that invest in projects or programs meant to improve a product or business process’ performance, functionality, accuracy, or quality. For instance: the development of new manufacturing processes, the construction of new software and equipment, or the employment of designers and engineers dedicated to your R&D project.

About: AuditShield
About: AuditShield

Boast’s intuitive technology covers the consolidation of critical data like tickets, timestamps, and transactions from your internal systems, and organizes them into clear and complete tax and financial statements in order to protect your business from R&D Tax Credit claim risks. This technology is enhanced with a human touch—that is, consistent counsel and guidance from Boast’s in-house tax experts to help you prepare and validate your claim as efficiently and successfully as possible.

With all these features combined, Boast not only lessens the risk of being selected for an audit, but it can also help you reduce your tax claim preparation time to as much as 90%. Besides that, the platform boasts a strong track record, winning as much as two times the industry average in tax audits, so you can work on your claim with R&D Tax Credit.

Boast AuditShield™

We’ll defend you in an IRS or CRA audit. Plus we compile detailed audit documents from your systems by combining tickets, timestamps, and expenses.

About: AuditShield


AuditShield™ advantage

We’ll defend you in an IRS or CRA audit. Plus we compile detailed audit documents from your systems by combining tickets, timestamps, and expenses.

About: AuditShield

Audit-ready documents-project tickets, timestamps, expenses

About: AuditShield

Easy process-less work with Boast expert help

About: AuditShield

2x industry audit win-rates

About: AuditShield

90% less time to prepare for an audit

About: AuditShield

R&D tax specialists have your back

In-house experts prepare and validate your claim, applying their collective decades of experience in finance, tax, and technology to maximize your eligibility. Regular check-ins throughout the year mean you are always making the most of your innovations without the end-of-year deadline scramble.

Ready for data

Automated R&D Tax Credit Defense

The Boast platform gathers data from your technical and financial systems to identify and categorize eligible projects, time, and expenses—estimating along the way instead of only at the end—and getting you more money, faster, for less time, and risk.

About: AuditShield
About: AuditShield

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About: AuditShield

Time savings is the big reason we’re fans of Boast. It’s worth it to not disrupt my broader dev. team. Even if PWC or another big player were to offer us a lower rate, we’d stick with Boast.”

Jason Smith, CEO, Klue

About: AuditShield

“Boast was 100x better than any other firm we have used. They made the process seamless from end-to-end. A truly exceptional partner.”

Kumar Erramilli, CTO, Acto

Find out how much money you can get from the government

Our Software and Gaming R&D tax experts will quickly assess which of your activities are eligible for R&D tax credits. During this conversation we will highlight:

Determine which activities qualify for R&D tax credits
Tactics to reduce your teams time in preparing your R&D tax credits
Estimate the total return you can expect in your current fiscal year
Provide ideas to maximize your current and past claims
Learn about the Boast platform, and how we simplify your claim process

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