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Boast experts help maximize energy claims based on your detailed R&D project, financial, and payroll records. To thrive, you must innovate faster, and Boast can help. By accessing all of your eligible tax incentives, you can invest more quickly and grow more rapidly.


Our Speciality

Boast has years of tax credit experience, successful claims, technical report authoring, audit protection, and expertise to help you maximize your R&D claim.

The Boast Advantage

1,000 s

Thousands of claims

60 h

Hours saved each year during your claim process

15 %

Larger claims with Boast’s AI and with payroll, project, and finance integrations

Automated R&D For Energy

  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Jira
  • Github

The Boast platform gathers data from your technical and financial systems to identify and categorize eligible projects, time, and expenses—estimating along the way instead of only at the end—and getting you more money, faster, for less time, and risk.

  • Time Tracking
  • Cash
  • Audit Evidence
  • Tax Forms

Putting Your Data to Work—The Easy Way

Boast’s platform offers a wide range of integrations to help you to get your claims approved in less time and with greater ease




R&D Tax Specialists Have Your Back

In-house experts prepare and validate your claim, applying their collective decades of experience in finance, tax, and technology to maximize your eligibility. Regular check-ins throughout the year mean you are always making the most of your innovations without the end-of-year deadline scramble.


"Boast helped us recover a significant portion of our R&D spend from the government. The process was very painless for us. The bill I’m happiest to pay! I recommend Boast on a regular basis."

Find Out How Much Money You Can Get From The Government

Our energy R&D tax experts will quickly assess which of your activities are eligible for R&D tax credits. During this conversation we will highlight:

  • Determine what activities qualify for R&D tax credits
  • Tactics to reduce your teams time in preparing your R&D tax credits
  • Estimate the total return you can expect in your current fiscal year
  • Provide ideas to maximize your current and past claims
  • Learn about the Boast platform, and how we simplify your claim process

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