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Meet The Enhanced AI Classifier from Boast AI

Meet The Enhanced AI Classifier from Boast AI
on August 15, 2023
Meet The Enhanced AI Classifier from Boast AI

Boast AI recently conducted a survey among North American businesses, and the findings are captivating: Almost 10 percent of respondents lacked a systematic approach to tracking the financial outcomes of their R&D endeavors. But that’s not all— more than 75 percent of businesses polled continue to rely on conventional spreadsheet tools for critical financial and workflow functions.

Our Solution: The Enhanced AI Classifier

Step into a new era of innovation with our revolutionary AI-powered universal data classification system. The Enhanced AI Classifier has been developed to reshape your R&D claim experience. It seamlessly categorizes your projects, providing SMEs with swift claim processing and impeccable audit-ready records.

About: Meet The Enhanced AI Classifier from Boast AI

Decoding the Mechanism: How does the AI Classifier work?

Our AI classifier employs an advanced algorithm to precisely map each task to its corresponding R&D project. It’s akin to solving a perfect puzzle! Additionally, a confidence score is assigned to gauge accuracy, underscoring its precision. By connecting your system-specific data through Boast Platform, you’re all set and Boast AI takes care of the rest!

About: Meet The Enhanced AI Classifier from Boast AI

Harvesting the Benefits: How will it benefit customers? 

Boast AI’s R&D experts, armed with the AI Classifier, generate comprehensive reports and summaries that elevate your claim process, significantly enhancing and streamlining the R&D claim process. Imagine quicker, smoother claims that not only save time but also expedite your access to refunds and credits. Moreover, robust documentation ensures confidence and security in case of audits.

About: Meet The Enhanced AI Classifier from Boast AI

Learn more about the Enhanced AI Classifier

Explore our press release to gain deeper insights into our AI Classifier and uncover the benefits of leveraging this powerful tool to optimize your claim submissions, enhance accuracy, and maximize your eligible tax credits. 

That said, Boast AI goes beyond providing guidance on non-dilutive government funding. We offer businesses a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technology and expert guidance to optimize their R&D efforts, streamline capital management, and visualize a successful capital strategy. With our intelligence platform, you can seamlessly integrate these critical aspects into a single, unified system.

Unleash your product roadmap’s true potential and redefine your funding approach. Schedule a call with our team today and witness how Boast AI shapes your path to success. 

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