5 Key Rules for Long Term Startup Growth

on June 16, 2022

Few startups experience exponential growth. Businesses grow at different rates, and much of that growth will be non-linear. This is especially true for future-tech startups as they can take a decade more to mature.

In this session, Maryanna Saenko, Partner at leading deeptech venture capital fund Future Ventures will share her strategies for supporting long-term startup growth and what startups can do to achieve it.

Specifically, Maryanna will cover:

– How to evaluate in multi-year intervals to project growth
– What founders need to know to make it for the long-haul
– How to get to a point where an injection of funding can significantly boost growth
– Where most startups fail and how to prevent it

Maryanna Saenko is an early-stage venture capitalist with an interest in robotics, quantum computing, blockchain, aerospace, and the future of food. Previously she was at Khosla Ventures, and prior to that at DFJ, where she focused on frontier technology investments. She was also an investment partner at Airbus Ventures where she led a series of venture investments strategically aligned with Airbus’ future-of-aerospace initiatives.


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