Marketing with $0 – How Branch Grew from 0 to $4B

on May 20, 2022

Driving growth doesn’t always mean hiring a big team and spending a lot of money. It starts with prioritizing activities with the biggest reach and impact at the best ROI and moving towards your goal with high velocity.

On Tuesday, May 24, Mada Seghete, Co-founder & Head of Marketing joins us to share the growth playbook that took Branch from 0 to $4B, covering channels, demand, brand, community, team, tools, and metrics.

Specifically, Mada will share:

– Key elements of great startup marketing in 2022
– How to get scrappy on a tight marketing budget
– How to identify and prioritize marketing channels and activities
– How to get creative with building an online presence
– How she built a community of 22,000 people to drive brand and demand
– How to set up people, processes, and technology to get more leads from startup to scaleup
– How to build a minimum viable marketing team: roles, qualities, timing, finding talent
– How to balance brand and performance investments
– How to leverage your customers and community to drive referrals and become a source of repeatable organic growth


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