6 Mistakes That Took Us from 0 to $6B in 18 Months

on March 11, 2022

Explosive growth is every startup’s dream, but it’s not easy. It’s rarely ever a linear path.

Mistakes are inevitable. They can make or break your business’s success while you’re scaling your teams, troubleshooting your product, and hiring your first clients.

Yinon Costica, Co-Founder and VP of Product at Wiz, joins us to share the mistakes they made early on that ended up helping their business skyrocket into exponential growth and become the fastest cybersecurity company in the world.

Specifically, Yinon will dive into these 6 pivotal mistakes that will help you learn how to navigate the early stages of your startup:

– Launching moments before a global health crisis
– Starting with the wrong name
– Recruiting too many employees at the start
– Implementing features that aren’t scalable
– Signing the wrong customers
– Making your business less effective by hiring too many developers


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