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9 Growth Secrets To Go From $0 to $100M Fast

9 Growth Secrets To Go From $0 to $100M Fast
on March 3, 2022
9 Growth Secrets To Go From $0 to $100M Fast

Many founders continue to reference a marketing playbook written by tech giants over a decade ago—create network effects to drive adoption and delay investing in marketing—often without accounting for how their businesses are different.

Investing in marketing doesn’t always mean hiring a big team and spending a lot of money. It starts with shifting your company’s mindset and enabling the parts of marketing you already have—however small—to make the most impact.

Amanda Malko, CMO at G2 joins us to share the playbook to go from 0 to $100M fast, covering channels, demand, brand, team, tools, and metrics.

Specifically, Amanda dives into:

– Key elements of great startup marketing in 2022 and looking into the future
– How to setup people, processes, and technology to get more leads from startup to scaleup
– How to identify and prioritize marketing channels and activities
– How to build a minimum viable marketing team: roles, qualities, timing, finding talent
– How to build relationships with the press and get coverage
– Field marketing in the post-pandemic world
– Balancing brand and performance investments
– The framework for creating a new industry category
– How to leverage your customers to drive referrals and become a source of repeatable organic growth


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