Scaling Your Back-To-Market Strategy

Jake Dunlap Whitney Sales

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Sales and Marketing organizations using old Go-To-Market (G2M) strategies are having a sobering realization that what worked previously won’t work now.

This new age of selling has brought in new norms, new processes, and new expectations from the customer. So the way we establish leads, talk to our customers, and the way we utilize tech needs to adapt.

In this session, Jake Dunlap (CEO, Skaled) and Whitney Sales (Managing Partner, Acceleprise Ventures and creator, The Sales Method) join us for a workshop on what’s working in sales and marketing in the post-COVID era, founder-led sales, and tactical advice to adapt your go-to-market playbook.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • The top growth tactics you should be doing now
  • How to reposition your messaging to solve the buyer’s CURRENT problem
  • How to structure a qualifying conversation to build trust and credibility in an unproven market
  • How to leverage LinkedIn in your outreach strategy
  • How to show expertise at every stage of the sales process to maximize results without sacrificing incurred expenses

Though this talk is focused on workshopping your sales process, please feel free to bring any and all questions you have about pricing, hiring, training, comp, and any other sales-related questions you may have.

Download the slides here.

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