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How to Bootstrap Your Startup to $75 Million

How to Bootstrap Your Startup to $75 Million
on August 15, 2020
Erik Huberman Hawke Media

An entrepreneur’s journey is shaped by overcoming failure — financial, organizational, and even personal. It’s a non-linear path to start a business as a bootstrapped entrepreneur, pushing for the value on your business that it deserves.

In this session, Hawke Media Founder & CEO, Erik Huberman joins us to discuss everything from mess-ups and hiccups to lawsuits and overspending on unprofitable teams on his journey to $75 Million in revenue with 0 outside funding.

Erik will be going in-depth on:

  • Top growth strategies for bootstrappers
  • Lessons learned when self-investing in the vision of your company, rather than relying on outside investors
  • Taking ownership of your company
  • Maturing your business as you mature your team.

Learn how Erik bootstrapped Hawke Media into a $75M business since launching in 2014, grew his team from 7 to more than 130 employees without breaking the culture, and what you can do to customize your road to success.


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