Disruption Through Partnerships – Lessons from Scaling Stripe & Notion from 0 to billions

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Partnerships are one of the most effective forms of marketing, but one of the most difficult to predict and scale.

Cristina Cordova, angel investor, advisor, and former Head of Platform & Partnerships at Notion and Stripe shares her playbook for scaling from 0 to billions by leveraging partnerships.

In this session, Cristina pulls from across her decade-long career in partnerships to share the inside scoop on deals that had an unexpected outsized impact — as well as the ones that went sideways.

Specifically, Cristina discusses:

– How partnerships can be your biggest superpower
– Which partnership strategy is right for your business
– The key elements of a high converting partnerships program
– How to incentivize partners to refer business continuously
– Playbook for being a startup’s first partnership hire, including the three critical areas to focus on first, and the common traps to avoid
– Actionable tactics on everything from dealing with partners trying to push you around, to how to hire for partnerships roles and structure the org chart
– Key metrics and how to track partnership impact using dashboards, analytics, and real-time results
– Fascinating stories of how Stripe and Notion scaled from 0 to billions through partnerships

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