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The Playbook for Building Two Unicorns in a Row

The Playbook for Building Two Unicorns in a Row
on June 29, 2021
Jyoti Bansal

There’s a .00006% chance of becoming a billion-dollar company. Now imagine building two in your lifetime, is it luck or strategy?

Jyoti Bansal joins the Traction series. As an engineer turned serial entrepreneur with 2x Unicorns, he is the current CEO of Harness, which recently attained unicorn status with a $1.7B valuation alongside his previous unicorn AppDynamics, which he sold to Cisco in 2017 for $3.7 billion.

With a belief that software has the ability to change the world, Jyoti builds products that not only work but reach multi-billion dollar exits.

Take away lessons from his journey building not one but two unicorns and learn how you can build your own.

In this session, Jyoti shares:

  • What he would (& wouldn’t) do again when building a unicorn
  • How to build a product road map that sells
  • How to street fight your way to $1 billion in ARR
  • Building your initial team and when to start hiring
  • Planning your fundraising strategy & creating winning pitches


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