Product Led Growth Frameworks & Tactics to Crush Your 2022 Goals

Product Led Growth Frameworks & Tactics to Crush Your 2022 Goals

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Product-Led Growth is one of the most popular buzzwords in the startup world. But you can’t ignore that the most successful tech IPOs and fastest-growing private SaaS companies of the past decade have one thing in common – they’re all product-led. Zoom, Atlassian, Slack, Calendly, Dropbox are just a few.

So how do you design for Product-Led Growth? What are the best frameworks and tactics to consider?

Maria Cuasay, Director of Product Growth at Ancestry joins us to share learnings from her 10+ years of experience in growth at Ancestry, Lyft, and Opencare.

Specifically, Maria covers:

– What growth looks like at every stage of the company – structure, tactics, tools, funnel analysis, etc.
– Top Product-Led Growth frameworks and tactics driving double-digit growth in 2022
– How to create a unique “hook” that pulls curious users into your product and establishes initial momentum
– How to keep users engaged and addicted to your product to keep coming back
– How to leverage your users to drive referrals and become a source of repeatable organic growth
– A fool-proof checklist to make your product go viral – How to add virality, network effects, and viral loops to a product that isn’t necessarily viral
– The best ways to report and track your progress so you always know what’s working, and so everyone’s aligned around what’s next
– How to assemble your growth team — who needs to be on it, how to start it, and how to get the flywheel spinning

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