How To 10X Your SaaS

on February 13, 2022

Jason Lemkin, a serial entrepreneur who is often regarded as the godfather of SaaS shares 10 things you can do to grow 10x faster in 2022.

Jason runs SaaStr, the world’s largest SaaS community and $100+ million SaaS venture fund. Previously, Jason founded the web’s most popular electronic signature service, EchoSign, which he grew to over $100 million in revenue and sold to Adobe. Prior to EchoSign and SaaStr, he co-founded one of the only successes in nanotechnology, NanoGram Devices, which was acquired for $50m just 13 months after founding.

Specifically, Jason reviews:

– Top things founders miss that can help them grow faster
– What to do if you aren’t on pace to be a unicorn — yet
– How to navigate challenges in hiring and recruiting in 2022 with so many well funded SaaS startups
– When to add a second product
– How to scale your SaaS beyond $10M and $100M ARR
– How to raise funding faster in 2022


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