Scaling from Seed to Series C: How to Design for Hypergrowth

Tamara Steffens

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More than 70% of startups fail because of premature scaling. Avoiding the pitfalls of premature scaling requires a personalized approach for every company, every product, and every founder, but there are some key takeaways all founders should know.

Tamara Steffens, Managing Director at M12 (Microsoft’s venture arm)—who accelerated growth at startups like Acompli and Path before pivoting to the other side of the table as an investor—shares an honest look at scaling your business.

Specifically, Tamara uncovers:

  • What founders should (and shouldn’t) prioritize through growth
  • What pitfalls to avoid in the process of scaling up
  • How to align with established enterprises to gain credibility
  • How to enable early users to work out product kinks
  • How to never give anything away for free

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