SendBird’s 4-Part Playbook to Navigate Uncertainty & Grow to a Billion at Breakneck Speed

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The path to hypergrowth is built on the ability to navigate uncertainty while maintaining momentum. But in order to lead others to and through hypergrowth, leaders must first learn to lead themselves.

Join us on Thursday, February 24, as John S. Kim, Co-founder, and CEO of SendBird, shares principles from complexity science to help you navigate unknowns, risks, and opportunities in your career and business.

John has had an unconventional career, from professional gamer to software developer, to serial entrepreneur and investor. In this session, John will discuss the 4 techniques below to assess business decisions, make pivots, balance your growth long-term and scale your company:

– Complexity science principles of “Convergence” & “Divergence”
– Navigating “Abstraction Layers”
– The “Human Capital” Framework
– Building emotional capital and cognitive empathy

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