Top 5 Ways to Scale from Startup to Decacorn

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Lawrence Huang, VP of Product at Cisco Meraki shares the top 5 ways to scale with simplicity. He dives into the idea of scaling with simplicity and how to lead with values – using them not just as ideals painted on a wall, but meaningful guiding lights that the entire company is aligned and centered on.

As a product leader who’s an original member of two successful start-ups: Meraki (acquired by Cisco) and Cognet Microsystems (acquired by Intel), Lawrence will speak to growing from a startup to a large company without losing the startup mentality and reaching peak velocity.

In this session, Lawrence will discuss:

– Best practices for simplifying your scaling strategy
– How to grow from a startup to a large company and preserve the startup mentality
– Tips for leading teams to peak velocity without sacrificing core values

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