Reinventing Startup Marketing with AngelList’s Head of Marketing

Helen Min Angellist

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One of the fundamental challenges is that many founders continue to reference a marketing playbook written by tech giants over a decade ago—create network effects to drive adoption and delay investing in marketing—often without accounting for how their businesses are different.

Investing in marketing doesn’t always mean hiring a big team and spending a lot of money. It starts with shifting your company’s mindset and enabling the parts of marketing you already have—however small—to make the most impact.

In this session, AngelList’s Head of Marketing, Helen Min, joins us to discuss common marketing challenges startups face as they scale and how to set up your go-to-market function for success. Helen covers:

  • Why the decade-old startup marketing playbook doesn’t work
  • Key elements of great startup marketing
  • How to identify and prioritize marketing channels and activities
  • How to build a minimum viable marketing team: roles, qualities, timing, finding talent
  • Building relationships with the press and getting coverage
  • Field marketing
  • Balancing brand and performance investments

Over the past 12 years, Helen has built and scaled marketing teams at Dropbox and Facebook, and led them at Quora and Plaid, all during periods of hypergrowth.

Helen also advises and invests in fintech and developer tools/API startups including Kite, CapWay, Puzzl, and Argyle.

Don’t forget to check some great marketing essays on Helen’s blog.


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