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The People Playbook Behind Multi-Billion Dollar Companies

The People Playbook Behind Multi-Billion Dollar Companies
on May 6, 2021
Mandy Sebel

If you have amazing employees and culture, they will create an amazing customer experience leading to a great financial outcome.

Mandy Sebel, Former Chief People Officer at UiPath, a company that recently went public at a $38 Billion market cap, and current Talent Partner at Radian Capital, shares everything you need to know about growing fast while building people and culture.

During her time at UiPath, Mandy helped the company grow to 3,000+ people in less than 2 years while helping set the right foundation and fundamentals in place for an enduring company.

Mandy started her career in talent acquisition and has seen hyperscale a few times. In this session, she shares her playbook to build, inspire and motivate teams to create massive impact. Specifically, Mandy uncovers:

  • How to define your values and use them as your north star to run your business
  • How to foster a positive and high growth culture from the very beginning—right from the hiring process
  • How to attract and retain the best talent – Top 4 things you need to have in place to inspire people to do their best work
  • The communications framework that encourages open conversations and energizes people
  • How to get people to enhance the culture to take it to the next level


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