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The Ultimate Community-led Growth Playbook

The Ultimate Community-led Growth Playbook
on March 18, 2022
The Ultimate Community-led Growth Playbook

Why do some software companies have loyal, cult-like followings? While others blend into oblivion? Is a good product enough to win in the SaaS market today?

Community is taking center stage at organizations across all industries. With traditional marketing techniques reaching a saturation point and product features appearing to differ very little, a thriving community can become your single greatest asset by acting as a force multiplier for your business and also enabling you to stand out in a fragmented market.

However, building and nurturing a community takes time – relationships cannot be an afterthought. When put front and center, a community can be a great acquisition channel, product feedback mechanism, brand differentiator, and retention lever.

Derek Andersen, Co-Founder and CEO of Startup Grind and Bevy, Celina Zamora, Director of Community at Cypress.io, and Dejan Pralica, Co-Founder and CEO of SoleSavy join us to share their playbook for building communities to build enormous followings and drive exponential growth.

Specifically, we cover:

– Audience vs community, what is the difference
– Getting your community started and bringing people together
– How to seed your community at the beginning
– How to ensure your community sticks and sustains for the long haul
– The most impactful way to add new members
– Unique strategies and tactics to keep the community engaged and drive interpersonal connections between members
– The key metrics for community success
– The impact of community on product-led growth and sales
– Tools to manage the community


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