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The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide to Drive Leads

The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide to Drive Leads
on October 19, 2020
Dennis Yu

Content creation that can last months or years and generate a high volume of leads doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It can be as simple as making 100+ video assets with the help of virtual assistants based on a single long-form video.

In this session, Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics, and Tristan Parmley, Cofounder of Chirorevenue share how to utilize existing presentations, interviews, webinars, or podcasts, simply by cutting them and run them through an influence generator process to post, cross-post, and boost to drive leads.

Dennis and Tristan dive into:

  • Filming long-form content. This includes 3 levels of video production (phone, laptop, DSLR) with quick tips on how to properly execute
  • Editing long-form content. This isn’t just intended for things like podcasts, but any form of longer content where the video can be broken up according to the “Topic Wheel”
  • Cross-posting content. Using short videos across many channels, plus “dollar a day” method to distribute and drive leads
  • Managing the entire process above with the help of virtual assistants

Download the 10 guides on video marketing, digital marketing, and using virtual assistants referenced in this session here.


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