The 7 Step Playbook for Building a Unicorn & Growing from Startup to Scale-up

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Growing a company from ground zero to a billion-dollar business is not an easy feat for any entrepreneur, especially in the current market.

Oscar Höglund, Co-founder and CEO at Epidemic Sound ($1.4 Billion valuation), join us to share his playbook for building a unicorn company and moving from startup to scale-up.

Specifically, Oscar will cover:

– The #1 superpower you can develop as a startup founder
– 3 ways to tap into your changing audiences and their evolving needs to keep and gain new customers
– How understanding your competitor’s pain points can help you determine your own strengths
– 3 challenges to expect when disrupting an industry and how to be prepared for them
– The framework Oscar discovered as he shifted his leadership strategy when Epidemic Sound grew from a startup to a scale-up
– 5 ways to keep innovating your product for the long haul
– 3 key rules for curating the most effective c-suite

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