From Dorm Room to IPO: 10 Lessons from ZoomInfo’s Journey to $14+ Billion

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Over the past five years, ZoomInfo has grown 10X to an $800 million dollar run rate business and a $14 Billion IPO with over 3,000 employees and 25,000 customers.

ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck joins us to share 10 lessons from starting and growing the company from dorm room to global scale.

Specifically, Henry dives into:

– Coming up with the idea and getting to product-market fit
– Tactics for driving early customer acquisition and getting to go-to-market fit
– Lessons from bootstrapping for the first 7 years and why he took investor money
– How to drive continuous exponential growth by adding new products, becoming a platform, international expansion, and buying companies
– Top things to focus on from idea to validation to Product-Market Fit, scale, IPO, and beyond
– Building your management team the right way for each phase of the company
– Scaling fast without losing your startup mindset
– Navigating the shifts and challenges along the way

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