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Using Product Discovery to Accelerate Growth

Using Product Discovery to Accelerate Growth
on April 5, 2022
Using Product Discovery to Accelerate Growth

There’s no point creating something that no one wants. Yet, many teams skip doing Product Discovery.

Even the most efficient agile process can’t make a bad idea good. Building untested ideas is risky and can cause lost time, wasted money, and low morale.

From assembling the right team to crafting the right prototype to conducting the right customer interview, every organization can use Product Discovery to find great ideas sooner and accelerate growth.

On June 14th, Jim Morris, Founder of the Product Discovery Group, will present concrete techniques you can start using immediately to weed out bad ideas and focus on the good ones from 25 years of mistakes and successes.

Specifically, Jim will cover:

– Reducing risk early in development
– Knowing what true collaboration looks like
– Unlocking the creativity of your whole team
– Building better (and simpler) prototypes
– Conducting more useful customer interviews
– Spotting when customers love your product
– Avoiding blockers to doing Product Discovery
– Accomplishing Product Discovery every week


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