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Boast Time Evidence Engine: How it works

Boast Time Evidence Engine: How it works
on April 3, 2024
Boast Time Evidence Engine: How it works

The Boast Time Evidence Engine elevates R&D project management by delivering a detailed, cohesive analysis of time and resource allocation during innovation processes. This system allows for precise tracking of each R&D employee’s contributions, enabling the calculation of time spent 

By providing a clear, singular perspective on R&D efforts, the Boast Time Evidence Engine empowers organizations to accurately assess performance and make informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of their innovation efforts. This tool is not just for managing projects; it allows you to harness data to drive effective, evidence-based innovation strategies.

This latest feature simplifies the preparation of comprehensive SR&ED claims by organizing essential technical, project, and payroll information into detailed Daily Time Evidence reports. These reports are submitted with your SR&ED claim, enhancing its credibility and defensibility in a way unparalleled by other SR&ED services. 

To begin leveraging this capability, you need access to three types of customer data that effortlessly integrate with the Boast platform.

1. Collecting Technical Data (Jira, Github, etc.)

About: Boast Time Evidence Engine: How it works

To begin, simply integrate your chosen project management software with the Boast platform, either through direct integration or by uploading a CSV file

For direct integrations, the platform automatically maps all relevant fields, while CSV uploads may require your input for mapping. The platform then analyzes user assignees, change logs, and timestamps from the technical data to create individual worklogs, detailing who did what and when.

2. Project Information for Classification

About: Boast Time Evidence Engine: How it works

Next, our SR&ED specialists collaborate with our customers to establish the project strategy through a comprehensive technical interview. The critical project information gathered in these sessions helps Boast accurately classify worklogs in alignment with eligible and non-eligible projects.

3. Collecting Payroll Data

About: Boast Time Evidence Engine: How it works

Finally, the Payroll data supplied by our customers assists in determining the employment duration of all project stakeholders.

After processing all three data sets (Technical Data, Project Information, and Payroll Data) with the assistance of our SR&ED specialists, our platform analyzes and generates comprehensive time evidence. 

This not only supports claim submissions but also benefits the entire R&D department by arming teams with industry-leading insights.

About: Boast Time Evidence Engine: How it works

To learn more about how Boast leverages the latest technology to maximize our customers’ access to innovation tax credits, check out details for our recent Financial Data Hub and Enhanced AI Classifier feature releases.


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