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How to Determine (Co)Founder Equity & Compensation

How to Determine (Co)Founder Equity & Compensation
on November 20, 2019
How to Determine (Co)Founder Equity & Compensation

Deciding what to grant yourself (or co-founders) in order to accurately plan for the future is a confusing and tough decision.

In this session, Natasha Allen, Attorney and a Managing Counsel at Atrium, shares the most common factors to consider when managing founder equity and comp structures, including:

  • Defining what’s critical to decide upfront
  • Tips for managing your cap table
  • Founder stock split & compensation
  • Equity-based compensation & early exercise options

Atrium is a legal tech company backed by Andreessen Horowitz and founded by serial entrepreneur Justin Kan. Atrium has offered its legal services to over 250 startups, who have raised a billion dollars in funding.

Download the slides here.


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