IT Resources for Startups: Super-fast Networks Setting the Stage for Next Generation Apps

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Guest blog post provided by Cybera, a not-for-profit, technical agency that is helping Alberta advance its IT frontiers. Cybera offers numerous IT resources for startups and entrepreneurs. Learn more about their new high speed research network below:

Members of Calgary’s startup and entrepreneur community now have access to network speeds of up to 1Gbps to spark their imaginations.

Cybera, Alberta’s technology neutral non-profit tech agency has connected several of Calgary’s incubation and maker spaces, including Assembly, Accelerator YYC, Innovate Calgary and Protospace, to its high-speed research network, CyberaNet.

As well as providing super-fast broadband access to the internet, the network connects to universities and think tanks in Canada and around the world, including the Smithsonian and NASA.

Through a one-year pilot project, CyberaNet has recently been made available to thinkers and tinkerers in Alberta. The goal is to open the door for next-generation bandwidth-intensive applications. In Kansas City, similar access to a broadband network through the Google fibre project has led to the development of projects such as:

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  • Kinect Health – a virtual fitness studio
  • Optimizing public transit – using real-time dynamic scheduling of public transit
  • Software Lending Library – on-demand access to state of the art software for rent through the public library


In Alberta, Dissolve has been one of the first companies to take full advantage of the advanced network connection. They are renting a desk at AcceleratorYYC and are using the connection to upload their HD video content to their servers, which has translated to TBs of data being uploaded each week – something that would quickly earn them a call from their ISP on any other business connection.

With access to virtually unlimited bandwidth, inventors and entrepreneurs are invited to experiment, test and develop new ideas that require great amounts of network activity. This could include media file transfer / processing in the cloud, big data storage or even high density upload and download transfers.

If you have questions about CyberaNet or how to get on it, please feel free to contact David Chan (

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