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SaaStr Annual 2023: Friends & Founders from the show

SaaStr Annual 2023: Friends & Founders from the show
on September 13, 2023
SaaStr Annual 2023: Friends & Founders from the show

Members of the Boast team traveled from across North America for SaaStr Annual 2023 in the Bay Area, September 6-8.

As the world’s #1 Cloud gathering, we couldn’t wait to meet new  SaaS founders, VCs and execs, while also catching up with partners, customers and even new coworkers over three days of festivities. 

While it’s tough to pick favorites, the booth from Expensify at SaaStr 2023 is gonna be hard to beat.

We caught up with their team at the “White Castle,” where founders and entrepreneurs can mingle over drinks while taking in the views from the second floor lounge.

Google for Startups also put on quite a show throughout the event. 

Along with 3D printing cookies, they had a huge squad on hand to help startups and founders connect. Cloud is at the core of all SaaS products, and it’s great to see leaders in the space like making critical resources available to SMBs (and not just the cookies).

Boasters Curtis Griffith (Calgary) and Paul Davenport (Boston) caught up in person following their first IRL meeting at Collision Conference earlier in the summer.

Even early on Day 1, the Boast team was already making meaningful new connections (and re-visiting the Expensify booth).

We were thrilled to see our pal Kate Grant from Fasken by the main stage during Day 1! As Kate explains, the startups from Canada were out in full force for SaaStr, which has truly become a global event for 2023.

Invest Alberta and VanHack partnered with Boast for an awesome SaaStr Day 1 after party at Pinstripes ???

These are just a handful of the great connections we made with founders from across the tech and saas community. While we loved making new friends, it was also great getting members of Boast’s remote first team together to celebrate in person.

Brendan King from Vendasta was among the early birds for SaaStr Day 2! ??

By giving businesses the tools they need to scale, Vendasta perfectly exemplifies the kind of innovative software we love to see at these kinds of events.

They’re also a great partner who we’re proud to work with here at Boast.

Aaron Jones of Yepic AI has been on his own roadshow checking out the biggest AI and SaaS gatherings and spoke about what he’s seen.

The big takeaway? After a long pandemic, folks across the tech ecosystem are re-energized and ready to fuel growth.

The solution Aaron’s team is working on is steeped in innovation, while offering a surprisingly human AI tool that has tons of practical applications.

Day 2 was filled with networking, some great talks, and even more booth visits as members of our expanded marketing team joined the show.

We kept the party going as the afternoon rolled into Happy Hour, and met up with new and old friends after a long day on the floor.

Patrick Proulx from Knak is exactly what you want as a partner in the tech ecosystem.

We caught up with Patrick at the Vonage speakeasy to hear how things have been since we last synced for the ??What The Tech?? podcast earlier this year.

Patrick’s team is working on some incredible innovation with their no-code campaign creation platform for enterprise marketers, and we’re thrilled to work with his team on capturing the R&D tax credits they deserve.

Miriam Dong, MBA was also keeping busy connecting with founders throughout the show. As Miriam explains, our team was thrilled to see what a global event SaaStr has become and how much innovation is packed into 3 days of festivities.

Yonatan “Yoni” Razin and Sameer Gulati from Ordway – Billing and Revenue Automation know how to network.

Their mission for supporting SaaS and startups aligns with ours at Boast: Give founders peace of mind when it comes to finances so they can focus on driving more innovation.

We caught up with Yoni at the Vonage speakeasy during Day 2 to compare notes and celebrate an amazing event. Despite being a Philly guy, Yoni and resident Bostonian Paul Davenport had a great time connecting.

You’ll next find the Boast team on the floor at Elevate Festival, September 26-28 in Toronto!

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