What The Tech Episode 19: “Mutual Wins” with MD Connected & Broderick Capital

What The Tech Episode 19: “Mutual Wins” with MD Connected & Broderick Capital

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The Canadian innovation ecosystem has never been stronger, with founders sprouting up across the country to take advantage of the latest technology to transform and improve legacy industries from the top down. 

On this special episode of What The Tech, we kick off our Founders and Friends series, where we ask a member of the North American tech community to invite a new friend onto the show for a roundtable discussion about building a startup in today’s market. 

Joining us this week is our friend Andrew Gaudry, a Business Development Associate at Broderick Capital, where he helps Canadian entrepreneurs scale their rapidly growing businesses by connecting them with the strategic capital and advisory services they need to really take off. Along with having built a cross-industry network that spans the country, Broderick Capital has also established a strong relationship with Green Acre Capital, Canada’s first cannabis venture capital fund, which is working with Andrew’s team at Broderick to to expedite the growth of fast-moving startups in this field.

Setting up your startup for success

Saddling up to the mic with Andrew for this conversation is Venky Weylagro, Founder & CEO of MD Connected, which is  is a Portfolio company of Broderick Capital. At MD Connected, Venky is seeking to revolutionize the healthcare industry by offering telehealthcare services to citizens across Canada. MD Connected’s telemedicine clinics reduce wait times from days to minutes. All of this is done without ever sacrificing quality of care, while actually working to improve health quality across the country.

The work Venky is doing and Andrew is helping support are not just noble efforts, but they’re often steeped in the latest technology and are rife with R&D. In this conversation, we dive into the state of startups and healthcare, Andrew and Venky’s unique approach to building a new business in 2023, and their plans for the future!

To learn more about the array of innovation funding available to startups across Canada through the federal government, check out our Ultimate Non-Dilutive Funding Guide.

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