Built to Scale – Going Beyond $100M ARR While Building a Great Company, Culture & Community

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Leading tech investor Bessemer Venture Partners recently said companies should stop chasing unicorn valuations; $100M in recurring revenue is the true mark of an exceptional startup.

But scaling to $100M and beyond is a rare feat accomplished only by a select few and easily derailed by landmines along the way.

On Thursday, Aug 25, Lisa Edwards, President & COO of Diligent, valued at $7 billion with more than $500 million in revenue and serving 23,000 companies globally dives into the playbook to scale beyond $100 million while building a great company, culture & community.

Specifically, we’ll discuss:
– How to identify growth barriers so you can continue to scale
– How to build business resilience and think critically about long-term investments
– How to hire the best candidates and build your team for scale amidst talent wars
– The first 90 days of being a new COO at a fast-paced company
– When to ask provocative questions to stir debates and resolve potential problems
– Diligent Corporation’s flywheel

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