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5 Treacherous Lies All Marketers Believe

5 Treacherous Lies All Marketers Believe
on April 1, 2022
5 Treacherous Lies All Marketers Believe

With 64% of prospects through the buying cycle before they even speak to sales or sign up for a demo, companies have to radically change the way they market or risk losing out to competitors.

On April 5, hot on the heels of her SXSW keynote, Founder and CEO of Zen Media, Shama Hyder, joins us to share the most persistent marketing lies and the best tactics you can use to win market share.

Specifically, Shama will discuss:

– The difference between Digital Selling and Digital Marketing
– The 95-5 Rule
– How to move beyond attention to getting a seat at the table
– Why PR today is NOT the PR of yesterday
– What most companies get completely wrong when it comes to Earned Media
– How to use PR to get funding
– Why good marketing is a privilege
– How to choose the meaningful over the merely measurable


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