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Startup Handbook: From Post-Seed to Pre-Series B

Startup Handbook: From Post-Seed to Pre-Series B
on December 11, 2020
Angela Tran Version One

Over the past ten years, Version One Ventures have invested in and worked with close to 100 startups. Along the way, they’ve seen teams, ideas, and practices work spectacularly well, but others that fizzled out.

In this session, Angela Tran, General Partner at Version One Ventures, shares best practices to help you navigate the journey from product-market fit through hypergrowth.

Specifically, Angela goes over:

  • Building your team (hiring, culture, compensation)
  • Growing your organization (leveling up, running)
  • Managing your investor base (fundraising, investor communication, advisors)

Download the PDF of the Startup Handbook here.


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